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DD Etched In The Stars by Hazel-rah DD Etched In The Stars by Hazel-rah
EDIT3: Gah, well, since I'm downsizing to specialize in new breeds, she has to go. x___x; She's being rehomed to *RogueAssassin15, who had applied for her when WrathOfNesis first set up the adoptables. She's not mine anymore!

EDIT2: I won her!

EDIT: God damnit. I just looked up "Etched in the Stars", and it's a real life QH's name. *headdesk* Argh. So, for those of you who are wondering, nothing of this character was based on the real life horse with this name. She's purely fictional. =P


Anyway, here's my uber last minute (literally!) entry for =WrathOfNessis's batch of adoptables for the HARPG. :) I'm not really huge on adoptables, but I'm always drawn to the realistic ones, and because I thought the first one looked cute, so I decided to go for it. It was only after I had begun sketching that I realized TODAY was the deadline. Rofl, my luck... I'm super sick, today, too, so that makes it even better. e.e So, I whipped up this lineart and tossed on some colors quickly, just to make it to the deadline. I plan on shading it, as soon as I have some free time (and, well, if I get the horse at all, lol.) So, this is technically a WIP.

About the braid. Ugh. I hate drawing plaits like that, I really profoundly do. They -never- come out looking remotely decent. But I love them in real life, lol. It's hard to make it look like it's moving in the wind. So, yeah. No critique.

Now, I must go to bed. *dies* Too much art for me. I'll do a bunch of minor changes tomorrow..
Refs were used. Too lazy to look 'em up to give credit, sorry.


:bulletred: Registered Name: DD Etched In The Stars
Barn Name: Star
Gender: Mare
D.O.B.: 28/08/1995
Breed: APHA (Paint)
Bloodline: Purebred/Foundation
Phenotype: Chestnut frame overo with haloing.
Eyes: Light blue
Genotype: ee/Aa/nO
Height: Just below 15.0hh
Body: Well-balanced, and great conformation, especially for an APHA. You can tell she wasn't just bred for color, like so many other grade Paints. She has a nice, level topline, with nice pleasure gaits (little knee action, very low to the ground, smooth and fluid, but with engaged hindquarters.) If given the chance, she'll naturally lower her head above the ground, like a "penny-pusher"/"peanut-roller", but with just one touch of the rein, she raises her poll to wither-level. Her head and neck are very stable, but not stiff, at all gaits. Her ears are always pricked up, and she always has that willing, calm expression to her, when competing. She's got a nice muscle mass, well-developed hind end, smallish ears, tapered muzzle, hardy hooves, very long and thick tail, and nice proportions.
Breeder/Previous Owner: =WrathOfNessis of Four Dancing Horses Stables
Owner/trainer: [11/08/09] Re-adopted by *RogueAssassin15!
Temperament: Excellent rideability, relaxed, level-headed, cool-tempered, fully bombproof, very quick learner, is suitable for all ages, and is great around kids. She doesn't mind giving little beginner lessons to toddlers, and is very patient and calm at all times. She rarely (if ever) spooks, bucks or takes off, even when she's turned out. The worst thing she'll do is freeze when she's really scared, or call to her pasture buddies. But in general, she's a softy with a golden temperament, a sweet attitude, and a great mindframe when eventing. She'll pretty much never have a really bad 'off' day where she'll have her ears pinned back and that "angry pms mare" look, lol. When under saddle, she's focused to what you want her to do, always willing and concentrated to perform as best she can. She's very good at judging her rider's ability and performing according to his/her aids. For example, if a 5-year-old is plopped on her back, she'll sense that it's a beginner, and will not burst into a lope just because the kid's kicking wildly, screaming and flailing the reins about. Yet, when an experienced rider hops on, she'll yield and obey to the slightest touch.
Discipline(s): Western Pleasure and a bit of Hunter Under Saddle.
History: Her past is unknown as of yet. We recently spotted her at local auction, and instantly saw the potential within her. After having our veteran Western trainer test-ride her for us, we quickly concluded that she was professionally trained in her youth, and has immense skill, particularly in the pleasure field. We plan on meeting with the previous owner to discuss her past more thoroughly and see if she could be competed in WP again.
Awards & Winnings: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Restrictions: Must be bred to realistic APHA or AQHA stallions only.
Availability: Ask *RogueAssassin15! This mare isn't mine anymore!

Art & character description © ~Hazel-rah
Original character design © =WrathOfNessis
Character now belongs to *RogueAssassin15
HorseArt-RPG concept © ~moonfeather
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Ari-Uzumaki-Elric Featured By Owner May 16, 2011
beautiful mare! And I also love your black stallion ^_^
RogueAssassin15 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations on the win! =D :clap:
EmeraldTheWolf Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009  Student Digital Artist
she's gorgeous :D
AtraSolaris Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
I love plaits like that ;P And also hate drawing them... in fact, I just hate drawing any type of plaits...
Lovely drawing :D
WrathOfNessis Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
Oh, she's lovely, hun!

Now get to bed and feel better! :giggle:
Winzer Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SWEET. I love these adoptables, and all the applications i've seen for the various ones have been uber excellent. I love the slightly coy expression in her eye. And what a gorgeously crimped mane.

Good luck, I really hope she becomes yours Hazel.
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September 12, 2009
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